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The other guy stabbing his had was unexpected, but I liked the twist at the end.

This is why we ca't have nice things...

Gobble, why didn't you make the music for this yourself?

Zachary responds:

SKS offered to spit some fire

Short but sweet

The timing and sound has greatly improved Steph! I totally got into the story, and was almost expecting the dragon to allow the girl onto it's back and take her for a ride.

Jessismith responds:

Thanks Andy! I'm glad to know that I'm improving. Seems I learn a lot of new stuff every time I make something. I was thinking about adding a dragon riding scene, but I wanted to stay true to the original story. Perhaps in a sequel though. :D

SHould have ended with..

A heelflip front-side bluntslide to a 20 stair. :P

Just sayin'

This is how network television really makes shows

Believe it or not, it seems people like this in real life are making reality TV shows these days.

The animation and voice acting were all superb.

The only weakness is the recording style, or the voice recording equipment itself it appears. Vocal placement seemed a bit distanced away from the microphone.

ScaredyDave responds:

Yeah, I have this really crappy old $5 mic I got from Super K :/ really need to fix that lol. Thanks for liking!

It's soothing

The peacefulness of the scene can certainly be appreciated. Of course you are always perfectly free to cut the song to fit the scene if any part is too dramatic or too much in a minor tone. :D Anyways thanks for using my music! This is pretty awesome for a first flash.

Good to see that you finally submitted it.

But it looked like you should have done more work on it first. :D I know my voice acting was a bit weak... but I thought you were just using my audition lines as a temporary placeholder ;) I CAN do a much better reading. :D There's a lot of pauses, sound effects, and music cues to fill. And all of use (the voice actors) need to hunker down and discuss some changes to make the dialogue sound mroe convincing :D

Jessismith responds:

I agree totally. I like your voice. It best suited the role. ;D Heheh....it was recorded kind of weird, and that's why I asked you a while back to re-record it, but I was totally fine with it anyway. :) I never knew that the voice acting would be such an issue with everyone. I like all of my voice actors. xD

damn ninjas lol

Funny. Ninjas were the hicks of Japanese feudal society lol.

Good animation but...

The idea is old. Everyone has seen this. It's called Terminator 2 Judgement Day. It looks like you got most of your nuclear impact ideas from that movie. Wonderful and extremely talented animation skills you have, however, so for that I give you 8/10. Bravo. I hope to see episode 2 very soon. Cheers

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