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2013-07-25 16:05:45 by BrokenDeck

I entered this year's NGADM. What have I gotten myself into...


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2013-07-25 18:25:02

BrokenDeck vs TitanMusic

Hmm, I think you can come out on top in the first round anyway, best of luck BD!

BrokenDeck responds:

I can only hope. Titan rocks at orchestral metal, something I don't do. :(


2013-07-27 15:18:37

a huge circlejerk that youll probably get far in due to being a moderator

BrokenDeck responds:

lol I actually never get further than the 1st round every year :P


2013-08-03 07:43:07

Good luck!! I actually only joined NG this summer, so to have gotten through to the auditions knowing practically nobody on here is, for me, a huge achievement. I'm not expecting to get through Round 1, but let's both keep our fingers crossed :)

BrokenDeck responds:

Good luck to you too ^_^


2013-08-06 14:37:38

You're still a big wiener to me; no matter how short your song is.

BrokenDeck responds:



2013-08-08 13:23:45

I was disappointed when that link didn't stand for Noogly Googly Adamantium


2013-08-21 21:11:58

how bad is your deck broken