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MAC13 Orchestral Theme

2013-01-24 01:00:26 by BrokenDeck

A new MAC has started for 2013 and it's theme is orchestral!

That's right! Whether blasting out an action packed sound scape for a movie's chase scene, or elegantly playing a light waltz for a grand ball, an orchestra is a versatile group of classical instruments that can produce a fantastic variety of enthralling music.

Feel free to sign up for the contest by posting your song link in that thread, and if you have any questions or suggestions, there's a handy dandy discussion thread.

Have fun!


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2013-02-13 01:18:05

another orchestral competition i wont be taking part in yayyyyyyyyyyy

BrokenDeck responds:

Hang on to your horses there's non orchestral MACs coming up ;)