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Orchestral NAC Competitors' List

2011-01-05 16:07:15 by BrokenDeck

Orchestral NAC Competitors' List

Here I will compile the list of competitors and keep a running order to keep track of who has entered so far, and what their song title is.


2011 Orchestral Newgrounds Audio Contest Official Entries

Supersteph54 - "Legend"

Arbiter - "End"

blackattackbitch - "Rage of the Giants"

popraz - "Spirit Rising"

callitsleep89 - "Grandiose Manipulation"

RampantMusik - "Music Box Waltz"

hamstercake - "His final act"

SBB - "Sunken City"

ProudAardvark - "The False Memory"

MJTTOMB - "Ballroom, 1899"

PeterSatera - "The Superbugs Attack"

XayberOptix - "Warped Galaxy"

Mrmilkcarton - "Lost But Not Forgotten"

Cleverhill - "Dream of being best"

Jessismith - "Muirin's Dream"

megakill - "Vanquish The Night"

EmceeWhatE - "Dragonfly Clouds"

Funkypotat0 - "Of the Darkest Light"

RedRavenRuler - "Where Is This Place?"

knetter3 - "Epic journey"

camoshark - "Reach for the Moon"

D3vilsheep - "The Apaches Ride"

crapatflash - "Majesty"

WolfySnackrib - "Avatribarian"

Deflektor - "Cataclysmic Puppeteer"

ShatterTheSky22 - "The Violence of Creation"

whitesymphonia - "Unspoken Sorrow"

LaForge - "Dirge of Icarus"

reel2 - "Fly Away!"



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2011-01-24 05:04:37

Alright! Best of luck to all the competitors! There are some fantastic entries in that list!


2011-02-21 19:23:57

They are all best of the best!

I will join next year!